Q: In your quotation you write 'construction commensurate with a burial depth of 2 metres in firm soil' …… What does this mean exactly?

A: We are informing you the burial depth can be no more than the number of metres we mention. In other words, the tank/chamber cannot be buried any deeper than what has been mentioned in our quotation. Certain tanks can be buried deeper but in cases like this, a heavier design will be recommended to you and we will then change the burial depth that would otherwise be quoted.


Q: How far from the house do we have to stay when installing our water cistern?

A: We recommend a minimum of 1.5 metres from the house foundation. Our tanks rely on the support of the backfill and we recommend a minimum of 1 metre for support.


Q: When linking tanks together what is the distance required between tanks?

A: 1 metre between tanks is recommended for support for the tank walls.


Q: When we are preparing the excavation what is required in the bottom of the excavation?

A: To minimize stress on a tank or a chamber it should be placed on a flat and level base of gravel or crushed stone, minimum 150 mm thick. Soil conditions must be firm and stable. Warranty will be void if these conditions are not met.


Q: Do you sell plastic tanks?

A: No we are strictly a manufacturer of precast concrete products.


Q: Do you have other locations?

A: We have only one location which is at RR#4 Langton, Ontario.

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