Starting as a precast concrete septic tank manufacturer, our company was purchased from a previous owner and became Reid’s Precast in 1964. At the time a small number of tank sizes were produced as well as catch basins and well tile. The tank sizes were 550, 650 and 750 gallons.

Over time the sizes increased to meet customer needs and changing regulations. The smallest septic tank became 800 gallons (and went from single to dual chambers).  Over time larger sizes were added (1000, 1500, 2000 and 3000 gallons) to meet changing customer requirements. Also, during this time various capacity water cisterns joined our list of products. 

Throughout the 1970’s additional delivery trucks were added and a new manufacturing building was built. 

Waterloo biofilter tanks were eventually added in 800, 1500 and 2000 gallon sizes as well as oil/grit separators (800 gallon standard with 1500 and 2000 gallon versions available on a per order basis). Recently we have started to produce Bionest waste water treatment units as another option for difficult sites. 

Throughout the years we have changed our methods of production as well as the design of our products to meet customer’s needs, to improve quality and to increase production efficiency.  We look forward to working with both existing and new customers in the future.



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